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Dry Skin Solution!

Surgeon's Skin Secret MoisturizerSurgeon's Skin Secret is an all-natural, beeswax based hand cream and moisturizer that has been prescribed by plastic surgeon's since 1950. Originally used for post surgical wound treatment, Surgeon's Skin Secret has found it's way to national fame via the QVC television network, which has sold over "one-half million" jars since its debut in July of 1997. Find out why so many people trust Surgeon's Skin Secret. There are other beeswax hand creams on the market, but Surgeon's Skin Secret is hypoallergenic, fragrance FREE, steroid FREE, alcohol FREE, and waterproof for long lasting relief from dry skin.

Surgeon's Skin Secret is effective for: Dry, cracked shin - paper cuts, scaly patches and winter itch - Lip Balm and "crow's feet" - calluses and other rough skin - Diaper Rash prevention (moisture barrier) - brittle fingernails and cuticle tears - Great for dry, cracked heals!!

"I have used this product on a regular basis for my patients who have had hand surgery. I regularly provide samples of this to my patients after their sutures are removed. I feel that this promotes the healing of the area with softer scar and less irritation. I have especially found this helpful with patients who have thick callouses and drier skin." Mark DeHaan, M.D.

"Surgeon's Skin Secret really works! Ir reduces the irritating feeling of my dry skin during the day. Many other diabetics said it has really worked well for their skin irritations." - R. Turner, CDE TENDON Diabetes Outreach Network

"Surgeon's Skin Secret has been a God send to me! I am a diabetic and suffered a foot rash for 10 years. SSS is a miracle. The cracks on my toes were healed with only a few applications." - E.C., Univ. PA School of Nursing

Say goodbye to diabetes dry skin today with Surgeon's Skin Secret beeswax hand cream!!!

Contains: Beeswax, lanolin and light mineral oil









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