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Vasopro Ephedrine HCL
Vasopro Reviews
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Natural Vasopro reviews by C Booker:

I finally got this stuff and the sh*t is crazy. I stacked it with my NO2 pills and in the gym it's and absolute crazy pump. I have no problem whatsoever finishing out last repetitions anymore. I'm already a well athletic built, my abs are ripping up even more, and (thank god) getting thicker. I would easily recommend this product to someone that is dedicated to achieve the goals they would want to achieve.

Rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Natural Vasopro review by J Morgan, Cinti Oh.

The best. Period. My breathing is better and it completely kills the appetite, even when taken without caffeine (perfect for those late at night weaknesses).  I am always stocked with this cheap and effective supplement. I cannot say enough good things about this.

Rating: [Perfect 10!]

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Natural Vasopro review by Reak R.

This product may work better for some than it did for me... I purchased this product because I was recovering from a chest-cold, and I was having difficulty clearing the congestion from my chest. I am a recently reformed smoker, (40 pack years) and chest colds have become an ordeal. By the time that the product arrived, I was over the worst of the infection, which had become a case of deep bronchitis. I feel that this definitely helped open up my chest and also helped expel some of the junk that I was having trouble getting out, but the effect was not as significant as I would have liked, but it was probably worth the price. Perhaps if I had doubled the dosage, I would have been more satisfied, but this is not recommended.

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Natural Vasopro review by mugzy from Uk, Wales

Ephedrine! awesome!

Rating 5 stars

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