Breath 1-2-3
An Herbal Supplement that Provides Nutritional Support During the Pollen Season  by Dr. Chong
Breath 1-2-3

After researching the inventions of traditional Chinese medicine, and studying the mechanism of the bees' bodies, a product that combines a special substance of royal jelly with precious Chinese herbs is brought into existence. It not only can provide nutritional support during the pollen season, but also at the same time, give forth pleasant scent from one’s body when taking this formula. The herbal preparation excretes through skin and sweat gland, thus emanating a scent different from the body’s original smell. The body’s reaction to pollen is also changed.

Moreover, the researchers found no side effects taking this remedy. Unlike the sedative drugs presently used in clinics, its effect is enduring.

Ingredients: Royal jelly, Colophony, Glycyrrhiza, Uncaria, etc.

Administration & Dosage: Take with plain boiled water or tea, twice a day, three tablets each time.

Precautions: Since the body will give forth pleasant scent when taking this supplement, women are not recommended to wear heavy make-ups so as not to affect the scent sent from body. Avoid cold or uncooked food while taking this product.

BREATH 1-2-3 ($24.99/BOTTLE, 3/$68.99)  
500mg, 90 tablets/bottle.

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