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Eye Bags Away & Eye Rejuvenation Mask
Eye Bags Away Replacement Product - Cellulean

Eye Bags Away

A Natural Remedy that Helps to Alleviate Eye Bags

To better serve our customers, we have found a better product for the purpose of reducing eye bags.  Therefore, Eye Bags Away is currently being replaced by Cellulean, a fat burning cream that could be used to reduce fats around your eyes.  For more information about Cellulean's effects on eye bags, please see Cellulean and Eye Bags.

Eye Bags Away

Composed of all natural ingredients, Eye Bags Away 1000 safely and effectively removes eye bags quickly and without irritation, while Eye Bags Away 2000 maintains the result. To achieve best results, use the two products together.

Main composition:

Fat-transfer agent (1000) and fat-burning agent (2000), functioning independently.

Different from other cosmetics, this product is developed from a prescription drug, which was formulated by ophthalmologists, endocrine experts and dermatologists.


Eye Bags Away 1000/2000 (two tubes/box).

Eye Bags Away 1000 Net Wt.: 5g.

Eye Bags Away 2000 Net Wt.: 6g.


Over 63% of people who use the Eye Bags Away system reported their eye bags appeared almost invisible and the skins of the treatment area became visibly smoother, more elastic, supple and youthful within 30 days.


1)    For people with eye bags.

2)    For people who have no eye bags, but want to prevent them.


1)   Clean the eye area around the eyes to be treated.

2)   Massage the eye bag area 30 times clockwise and counter-clockwise respectively with finger.

3)   Apply one drop of Eye Bags Away 1000 on each eye bag.

4)   5-10 minutes later, repeat procedure 1-2. Then apply one drop of Eye Bags Away 2000 on each eye bag.

5)   Repeat procedure each morning and evening. Eye Bags Away can be used safely with other cosmetics.


Do not apply Eye Bags Away into the eyes. Eye Bags Away will cause a slight feeling of irritation if placed in contact with the eye. Irritation will subside after approximately 5 minutes after closing the eyes.

Eye Bags Away is currently being replaced by Cellulean, a fat burning cream that could be used to reduce fats around your eyes.  For more information about Cellulean's effects on eye bags, please see Cellulean and Eye Bags. Please also see other products below:

Click here to see Puffy Eye & Dark Circle Eliminator, 3 ml, from Nutra-Luxe

Molded Eye Rejuvenation Mask (Enriched Formula)

Eye Rejuvenation Mask

This molded eye mask is comprised of up to 90% water, and is ideally suited to provide calming, cooling and hydration to the eye area. The occlusive nature of NatraGel makes it ideal for controlled delivery of incorporated additives and/or creams and serums to the skin.

How Does It Work?

NatraGel™, a Hydrogel is a water gel, which is designed to provide instant hydration to the skin in two ways: 1- The polymer water network is releasing water at all times, thus the gel delivers water plus actives into the outer skin. 2- The NatraGel™ also provides a semi-occlusive barrier, when after a few minutes in place on the skin surface, the moisture from the skin starts to build up under the film and finally reverses its direction. This reversal flows into the skin, taking water from the gel, actives and the water build up from the skin. With this reversal, the epidermis is moisturized and infused with the selected active. Thus the NatraGel™ acts in a similar fashion as a skin patch, a delivery system, which is transepidermal in function.

The specific actives infused into the gel are many and depend on the results that are desired.


Purified water, glycerin, sucrose, (may contain lactose and dextrose), PEG-8, calcium lactate, xanthem gum, glucose, mannan, chondrus cripus, ceratonis siliqua, potassium citrate, malic acid, aloe barbendensis (aloe vera), camelia oleifera (green tea), polyamino propyl biquanide, diazolidinyl urea, sodium benzoate, (may contain fragrance), red 40, blue 1, yellow 5.

Directions for Use:

Remove seal on back of package and remove NatraGel product.
1) Apply product to desired area of body for 15-30 minutes.
2) Rinse product off with water after use.
3) Place product back in molded case or enclosed plastic bag and store in refrigerator. (Do not freeze). Product will dry out if let uncovered.
4) Discard when gel starts to fray and/or disintegrate.
For specific instructions on an individual product, please refer to the product label.
For individual use only. Do not apply to open wounds. Exercise caution when using around the eye area - avoid direct contact with eyeball. Increased skin sensitivity may occur when used with high intensity serums and prescriptions. If irritation or complications occurs, discontinue use. Non-toxic ¨C Keep out of reach of children.


1) As a plastic surgery nurse, I am constantly asked to recommend skincare products for delicate and sensitive skin. NatraGel is a fabulous product and has multiple medical and home uses. Professionally, it's used post laser, burns, liposuction and just about any type of facial plastic surgery. NatraGel reduces swelling, redness and irritations. It is simple safe, affordable and reusable.
Jane Norman
Registered Plastic Surgery Nurse
(United States)

2) My wife and I run a busy photorejuvenation clinic where we utilise Intense Pulsed Light treatment to treat a range of sun related facial problems and rosacea. The NatraGel Facial masks have revolutionised our fotofacial treatments. They significantly diminish patient discomfort in the immediate recovery phase and we now use them routinely for nearly all our clients. The incidence of facial swelling and redness reported by clients in the two days following treatment has significantly reduced. This form of home care treatment that can be used initially after the treatment in the clinic and then reused several times at home by the client has improved the overall quality of the fotofacial package that we offer. In addition it has allowed us to use higher treatment settings that previously achieved thus delivering better end results.
Dr. Mervyn Patterson
(United Kingdom)

3) As an aesthetician, I have found the NatraGel mask a proven product in the skin care industry for post microdermabrasion, chemical peels, lasers and facial plastic surgery. My clients absolutely love the soothing, cooling and healing sensation the NatraGel mask provides.
Lindsay Doby
Licensed Aesthetician
(United States)

4) I use NatraGel immediately after treating children with Hemangiomas [vascular birthmarks] with laser (pulsed-dye). The children love the product because it gives them a cold sensation immediately after the heat produced by the laser's energy. Some children in their second or third treatment are already familiar with the product, and know to ask for the "cold thing".
Dr. Eugenia Cuesta MD
National Children's Hospital
(Costa Rica)

 Molded Eye Rejuvenation Mask (USD49.99/box)

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