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How Does Human Organ Restoration Work?

Improving the Tissue and Functions of Islets in Langerhans
The islets of langerhans are part of pancreas, a secretary organ of insulin. The deficiency of insulin is directly related to the islets of langerhans. Thus, improving the tissue and functions of islets of langerhans is a basic principle for treating diabetes. The proliferation of islets of langerhans was promoted by organ transplant in western medicine, or by the application of proper Chinese medicinal herbs.
The islets of langerhans are part of pancreas, which is originated from the hepatic diverticulum and the dorsal wall of duodenum in embryogenesis. Accordingly, to search for the fundamental cause of ailment in treatment, it is important to stimulate the liver and duodenum in order to improve the multiplication of pancreas.

Proliferation of B-Cells
There are two kinds of cells in the islets of langerhans that controls the level of blood sugar: A-cells that secrete pancreatic glucagons, which increase the level of blood sugar. B-cells that secrete insulin, which decrease the level of blood sugar. Thus, stimulating B-cells to secrete insulin is a method of treating Diabetes Mellitus. (i.e. hypoglycemic agents used nowadays.) However, a long-term drug stimulation could make the pathologic cells of islets of langerhans turning into a fatigue state, and exogenic stimulation could inhibit the automatic secretion. This is why the early diabetics could be controlled by oral drugs, while if the disease became serious, the amount of drugs was added, until it could not be controlled by the largest amount of oral drugs. Besides, the stimulation method has no effect for some early patients whose islet B cells were already in failure state. Therefore, making the islet B cells to proliferate new cells, thus secreting insulin for carbohydrate metabolism is a top priority of treating diabetes. If there are 20% normal B-cells remained, the new cells can be induced out by proper Chinese medicinal herbs.

Improving Transformation of Insulin
The insulin secreted by islets of langerhans in the earliest stage is called "insulin factor", which can be transformed into insulin by the participation of bile (liver secretion that aids digestion) and enzyme. This transformation is called " translating" process. Some diabetics were caused by the disfunctioning of the " translating" process.

Regulating the Balance of Muscleglucogen and Hepatic Glycogen
Common food includes three basic compositions: carbohydrate, protein and lipid (fat). The metabolism of the above three substances proceeds with the participation of insulin, particularly for the transformation and combustion of carbohydrate. Thus the carbohydrate absorbed is closely related to the level of consumption of insulin. The functional activity of organs consume partial insulin, thus the utilization disturbance of insulin is an important link, which includes the release of muscle glycogen. Therefore the balance of blood sugar may be affected by the disturbance of hepatic function or utilization of human body.

Increasing Body's Ability to Respond to Insulin
The utilization of insulin in human body was accomplished by acceptor. If the amount or the sensitivity of the acceptor is decreased, the insulin could not go into effect. These conditions might be found in overweight patients. This was why the obesity was apt to suffer from Diabetes Mellitus. Therefore to decrease excessive lipid should be considered for treating Diabetes Mellitus. The Chinese medical herbs had satisfactory effects for decreasing lipid(fat).

Diabetes Mellitus might be caused by viral infection. The virus may harm the pancreas, resulting in the failure and death of islet B-cells.  This condition tends to appear with juvenile Diabetes Mellitus. Therefore antibiotic Chinese medicinal herbs are used to prevent viral infection and to enhance immunity.

Diabetes Mellitus is a hereditary disease, according to the structure and appearance of ribonucleic acid. Thus human body immune system should be enhanced to prevent the specific causative agent of diabetes.

Nutritional Factor
Mineral nutrients (Manganese, Chromium Nickel, Zinc, Copper) took part in the growth of pancreas and the synthesis and decomposition of insulin. It is an effective method for treating Diabetes Mellitus by replenishing related mineral nutrients.

Restoring Liver Function
Bile took part in the synthesis of insulin. If the secretion of bile was abnormal, the synthesis of insulin would be affected.

Nerve System and Circulation
There were nerve distribution and blood supply for every organs of the body, including the pancreas. Thus, regulating and reinforcing central nerve system and circulation system should be included in the treatment. 


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